Where leaders and their organisations go to become more confident, influential and impactful.

…at a time when leaders and organisations need to lead and communicate like they never have before.

Leadership and influence programs

Because what we expect from our leaders and how they lead and communicate has changed. 

Employee 'branding' and leadership communications

Because leadership and communication go hand-in-hand. Think about it: you can’t lead persuasively without communication skills and you can’t communicate persuasively without leadership skills. 

A supportive club helping you connect and learn

Join our club and let’s rapidly propel each other forward and become more influential and impactful.

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, it’s essential to lead and influence, right? 

Influential leaders and communicators have the upper hand. Think about it: people listen to them, they have more influence, they get asked to apply for positions, pitch for work, given promotions and pay rises. They are better
connected, get access to career-defining opportunities like speaking gigs, writing for publications and invited to join boards.

We help our clients lead and communicate with confidence, impact and influence. Are you going to become one of them?


Ready to lead, learn and level up your communication skills? 


Lead ID 

A four-month leadership program designed to rapidly propel you forward using leadership strategy, modern psychology and behavioural strategy.

Impact and influence 

A two-day workshop to activate leaders to be external influencers, raise their profiles and become known for their expertise.

Custom training, workshops and coaching 

Help your teams become more influential and impactful in the external market, building trust in your organisation. 

Communications strategy 

We work with you to refine your key messages and unique proposition in leadership and business. Whether it’s your website copy or the way you deliver a keynote, we’ll help you communicate with impact.

Public relations and thought leadership

Content that will cut-through. It’ s less about big budgets and more about being relevant, actually saying something and communicating with impact.

Ready to find your edge?


Ditch the self doubt, uncover your leadership edge, and step into leadership more clearly and powerfully than ever before.


Nail your message, position yourself as the go-to leader in your industry and go from hidden gem to highly visible leader.


Become recognized, connect with the media and get yourself adored, not ignored.


Custom training, consulting and coaching to help you break down your barriers and break through the noise.


Curated workshops, masterclasses and presentations to help you stand up and be heard as an impactful and influential leader.


Get camera-ready, learn how to navigate the media landscape and get your message across quickly and clearly.


An online directory connecting female subject matter experts and thought leaders to the media.

Lessons in leadership and communication

The one thing you need to land media attention

Someone recently said to me, "I’m not ‘big enough to land media attention". "I'll try and get my brand into the media when I'm a bigger deal."I’ve heard it all before. “…when I have more experience.” “…when I’m a success story.” “…when I’ve done something...

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6 lessons from 50hrs with motivational guru Tony Robbins

To anyone a bit #meh about personal development, Tony Robbin’s positivity might scare the beejezus out of you — but for personal and professional development junkies like me, he’s the bee's knees. He’s so motivating he could even make Vanessa Sunshine crack a smile!...

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