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South Australia needs leaders now more than ever, right? 

Leaders who can accelerate new ideas, grow our economy, create jobs for the future and step up as influential leaders for our state.

This leadership can come from anywhere and anyone. 

The thing is, none of this is possible in our changed and changing world without an investment in leadership, communication and influence skills. And we need to reimagine the way we learn and develop these skills if we’re to meet the challenges 2020 has thrown at us. 

Research has shown soft skills – namely leadership agility, communication and influence – are not only critical to the future of our economy, but are critical to future-proofing your career.

The question is, are you ready to accelerate yours? If you are, our experiential learning program ‘Lead, Impact & Influence’ is ready to propel you forward. 

I’ve done more leadership and professional development programs than I can count and hands down the Edge’s programs are the best.

Erin Faehrmann

Chief Executive , Youth Opportunities

This program makes good business sense, develops a stronger more resilient approach and has connected me with an amazing good of professional and entrepreneurs which encourage and support each other towards growth.

Leonie Murphy

Director, People and Performance, Zoos SA

Highly recommend Amy and Tamsin. They are great facilitators and share excellent content and insights.

Brendan Rinaldi

State General Manager, ANZ South Australia and Northern Territory

Lead, Impact & Influence is a six month future-focussed learning experience designed to rapidly propel you forward using the latest in leadership and communication strategy. 

Through a mix of 1:1 sessions and intimate group coaching, this future-focussed program accerlates adaptive leadership and elevates careers and businesse, enhancing every area of your life, giving you the confidence, self-belief and the leadership and communication skills to make an impact and step up as an leader in the public sphere.

Lead, Impact & Influence rapidly accelerates the leadership and communications skills necessary to unlock growth and influence change which are critical at this current time. 

Step into leadership with high performance behaviours and mindsets

Dissolve the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck, arming you with the determination to create opportunities

Give you greater clarity and a strategic plan to fast track your impact

Develop your voice, authority and influential communication skills in a way that unlocks external opportunities and connections 

Dramatically increase confidence in skills and potential, and help you discover and harness your innate strengths to  overcome obstacles and roadblocks

Access knowledge and expertise and build connections and strategic partnerships, extending the perimeter of your potential.

And it’s not just “theory” either… it’s two-way, experiential learning designed to get you into action from day one so you can crack that next level on your career or business ladder. 

So, what do you learn? 

Through six months of learning experiences, you will: 


  • Psychometric and strengths based testing
  • Create a career vision aligned with purpose and values
  • Identify internal and external barriers to success
  • Goal setting and action planning


  • High performance habits, develop your high performance plan
    The science of stress
  • An implementable toolkit to reduce physiological stress and fear responses
  • Wellbeing hacks to banish burnout
  • Learn how to become masterfully effective with your time


  • Learn to lean in to fear and expand your comfort zone
  • Learn how accountability and ownership can fast track your career success
  • Discover how to rewire your brain for success using the latest in neuroscience research


  • Learn to communicate with impact and influence
  • Unlock publicity, promotional and other opportunities
  • ​Turn your expertise into influence and represent your organisation or state as a stand out industry leader
Meet the Edge and join our movement of leaders levelling up to create change

Knowing leadership skills and the ability to communicate are key competitive advantages in the future of work, leadership strategist Tamsin Simounds and communications strategist Amy Springhall launched Adelaide-based consulting agency The Edge.

The Edge works with a number of organisations from major Australian banks to startup not-for-profits, helping their leaders and people lead with influence, confidence and communicate with impact.

Tamsin Simounds is a leadership and behavioural strategist, helping Australiasia’s top leaders lead and communicate internally and externally. Named a ‘rising star’ in the B&T Women in Media Awards, Amy Springhall is a communications strategist whose services have been used by some of Australia’s most senior decision makers, from politicians, bank leaders and CEOs. 

Everything we do at the Edge is about unlocking the leadership, influence and communication skills necessary to remain relevant in the future of work.

What do you get and what’s the investment?


Six full day masterclasses plus access to expert Q&As in our online training system 

YOUR INVESTMENT : $4200 (grants and flexible payment options available)


For those ready to fly and rapidly develop their leadership, communication and influence skills. Six full day masterclasses, plus four 1:1 coaching sessions, plus access to expert Q&As in our online training system. 

YOUR INVESTMENT : $4999 (grants and flexible payment options available)

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

Simply email

​We know from our current and past clients this program is game-changer for all leaders – whether you’re emerging or established. 

This is your invitation to join us in 2020 and rapidly propel yourself forward. Grant opportunities are available, so fill out the contact form and we’ll send you some links to grants you may be eligible to access. 

Let’s do this. 

Tamsin and Amy